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Philips Saeco Aulika Focus


Aulika is the new line of coffee machines for the office market, fully expressing the excellent quality of Saeco technology.

Saeco Aulika Focus: is the perfect balance between dimensions and performances: all the best of the professional appliances (double circuit, conical grinder, professional homologation) in an elegant and relatively compact shape.

The wide graphic display, designed to manage both icons and text in different languages, and the interface (equipped with large, easy to understand direct selection buttons) make it possible to use and program the machine easily; maintenance and cleaning operations, too, are made easy by the fact that all the parts that require regular care are removable.

Aulika Focus can dispense coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as hot water and steam for more expert users; it is also equipped with __ONE TOUCH__ function, and automatically provide cappuccino and latte macchiato, thanks to a special next generation cappuccinatore, integrated in the nose of the machine. The quality of milk foam and the temperature in the cup, two fundamental characteristics of a good milk-based product, are really top of the line.

The cup warmer and the powder option (for the use of pre-ground coffee) are the completion of a full coffee experience.
Aulika is the Saeco range addressed at the most demanding out of home professionals.

Saeco Aulika Focus:

. New __Pinless wonder__ cappuccinatore and __ONE TOUCH__ function for milk-based specialities

. Double circuit, with double pump and double boiler

. User interface with graphic display and 8 direct selection buttons

. Wide programming menu with many options

. Pre-ground coffee option (ideal for serving decaf coffee in addition to your regular coffee beans)

. Perfect office coffee machine for small to medium sized businesses.

Technical Specifications:

. Dimensions (w x h x d): 334 x 380 x 452 mm

. Weight: 15kg

. Frame: Metal

. Chassis: silver metal sides and back (structural), silver ABS front, double painted, with stainless steel interface frame and grid

. Colour: Silver

. Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz

. Water supply: Independent tank

. Hydraulic system: 2 circuits (double pump + double boiler)

. Boiler material: Stainless steel

. Coffee bean container: 1, capacity 350 gr

. Water tank: 1, removable, capacity 2,2L

. Coffee grounds capacity: 18 coffees

. Coffee grinder: Conical steel blades

. Coffee strength adjustment: manual, from 6 to 10 gr in 6 steps

. Grinder setting: manual, 8 levels

. Electronic pre-infusion: yes

. Coffee dispenser height adjustment: yes (85-105 mm)

. Simultaneous dispensing of 2 coffee cups: yes

. Possibility of using latte macchiato glasses (14 cm): yes, with dispenser in rear position

. Hot water/steam wand: independent

. Water filter and water hardness setting: semi-automatic and guided