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The Aulika is the latest addition to Saeco's professional coffee machine range specifically designed for

office use. Innovative, functional and easy to use, the Saeco Aulika office coffee machine delivers the perfect cup of coffee while retaining the speediness and practicality of a fully automatic office coffee machine.

At the pinnacle of Saeco's technological innovation, the Aulika has the capacity of delivering Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte and more at a rate of 130 cups per hour, making this coffee machine ideal for medium to large offices, while never losing on taste and texture.

As for practicality, the machine feature a one-touch function where both coffee and milk are integrated into the same pouring group. The new Cappuccinatore (frother) system, baptized by Saeco as the "Pinless Wonder", not only delivers the perfectly steamed milk that is hot and consistent in temperature, but is also very easy to clean - a function integrated in the machine which prompts the user on how to / when to perform the cleaning cycle.

The Aulika also comes standard with a hot water / steam wand and a spacious 4L water tank complete with filtration unit. If required, the machine may also be "hard plumbed" through the application of a "plumb-in kit". The combination of its water tank capacity and 1kg bean hopper allows the Aulika to produce 100 + cups without having to refill, and a generous waste drawer is fitted to match.